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What do our team love about Scunthorpe?

Lisa Lee
  • Normanby Hall Country Park
  • Silica Lodge Garden Centre
  • Collesseo Restaurant
  • Central Park
  • Burton Hilltop & Alkborough Flats (nature)
  • Humber Bridge
  • Lincoln – which is only 35 miles away!
Grace Gouldthorp
  • The Cookie People
  • Central Park
  • Moon Coffee House
  • The Pantry 8020 Brigg
  • Messgingham Zoo
  • Normanby Hall Country Hall 
  • Julian’s Bower
  • Blyton Ice Cream
  • The Bath’s Hall
Emily Coates
  • Normanby Hall 
  • Smoking Goat Restaurant
  • Blyton Ice-Cream Shop 
  • San Pierto Restaurant 
  • Central Park
  • John Leggott College
  • Miller & Carter Restaurant 
  • The Beckwood Pub (they do the best Sunday dinners!)
  • Kingsway Gardens
Becky Salt
  • Central Park – Very Pretty!
  • San Pietro – Lovely Restaurant to eat at
  • Silica Lodge – Nice garden centre

Facilities in Scunthorpe

Schools in Scunthorpe
Hospitals in Scunthorpe
Transport in Scunthorpe
Local Facilities in Scunthorpe


  • Holme Valley Primary School
  • Frederick Gough School
  • The St Lawrence Academy
  • St Lukes Primary School
  • North Lindsey College
  • John Leggott College


  • Scunthorpe General Hospital 
  • Lincoln County Hospital


  • Range of transport methods including Train, Bus, Taxi
  • Approximately 45-minute drive to Lincoln
  • Approximately 40-minute drive to Doncaster
  • Direct trains from Scunthorpe to Manchester Airport

Local Facilities

  • Forest Pines Hotel, Golf & Spa Resort
  • Plowright Theatre
  • Local Nature Reserves
  • Trampoline Park
  • Normanby Hall 
  • Central Park

Facts about Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe Pinned on a Map
  • Scunthorpe is a historic county of Lincolnshire
  • Scunthorpe’s shops and other central services draw population from the surrounding villages of an extensive rural area
  • Scunthorpe is the largest steel processing centre in the country and is also known as the ‘Industrial Garden Town’ for this reason.
  • Scunthorpe and Lincolnshire are one of the most popular areas for birdwatching and nature hobbies, due to the vast greenland and nature reserves.