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We’ve put together a run-down of the biggest changes affecting the property market and specifically landlords. Please click through for a more detailed analysis on each point.

National Insurance was reduced by 2p in the Pound as trailered and the policy of abolishing the non-dom tax regime ‘stolen’ from Labour, came to fruition. However, the Chancellor stated that “Nigel Lawson wanted to end the non-dom regime in his great tax reforming budget of 1988 which is where I suspect the Labour party got the idea from”!

The scrapping of the tax incentives for holiday lets and the introduction of a new tax on vaping products came as no surprise. However, the reduction in the top rate of CGT on property sales from 28% to 24% was a surprise to many.

There was no mention at all of Inheritance Tax despite all the talk on this topic over the last few months with one party suggesting they may even scrap IHT altogether and the other party saying they would abolish Business Relief from IHT.

We have gathered the team to look at a couple of the announcements in a bit more detail:


Capital Gains Tax


Multiple Dwelling Relief

Capital Allowancesand Furnished Holiday Lets

Non-Dom Tax

Other tax changes

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