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Question 1: Do you use ChatGPT or any other online tools in your day-to-day life and work?

Suprisingly, many of our team members don’t use ChatGPT or any other tools in their day-to-day life and work! It will be interesting to see how this changes over time with the development of more AI generated tools.


Question 2: Are you sceptical/wary of the current growth of AI? Why do you feel that way?

Whilst some people had no idea what AI was, others expressed a fear of what could occur in the future.

“Being in a corporate role, it will eventually become a part of everyday life.”

“I’m a bit sceptical about the growth of AI as it feels a bit Black Mirror-esque I can see why it can be good for certain things, but also could it make people lazier? Like using it to do your homework/writing emails etc.

But also, I guess AI is already used a lot anyway, like with Alexa or predictive text or social media algorithms, but perhaps people are only now becoming more aware of it.”

“I am sceptical to a degree, but only because I am not fully educated on the subject. I feel like if I were to research deeper, I would be more wary. AI plays a large role in everyone’s day-to-day lives but I believe that we are becoming too reliant on it, for example uni students use it to write dissertations, staff to write emails etc. Whilst on a surface level it seems to be positive, there are cases such as life-like robots like ‘Kodomoroid’ (a robot news broadcaster in Japan) that really put into perspective the capabilities and extent AI can reach and become. It is a little scary.”

“I am also wary of the lack of personal contact with processes and software being brought in to make things quicker. Whilst it can have benefits in one area such as banking, I feel we rely too heavily on computers and will soon lose the ability to communicate face to face ie shopping/ customer service. I have already seen my children becoming less able to hold conversations based on their IPAD usage and keyboard warriors are only brave because they are beind a screen.  Lack of direct contact and personal involvement is not always a good thing in my eyes (sorry – I am probably a dinosaur!).”

“Yes as they may be able to wipe out creative sectors (copywriting, authors, artists through ai generated art and etc)”


Question 3: What show/book/film would you recommend to others this October?


Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning

Heart of Stone

Hocus Pocus

Equaliser 3


The Secret Keeper – Kate Morton

Run Rose Run – Dolly Parton & James Patterson

The War that Ended Peace – Margaret Macmillan

People of Abandoned Character – Clare Whitfield

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley


Alone – Channel 4

Wolf – BBC Iplayer

Reacher – Prime Video

Shelter – Prime Video

Yellowstone – Paramount+


Question 4: If you had to pick one meal; starter, main and dessert, to have for the rest of your life… what would it be?

Emily Coates: Starter: Halloumi Fries, Main: Creamy Mushroom Pasta, Dessert: Brownies with vanilla bean icecream.

Grace Gouldthorp: Starter: Baked Brie with cranberry sauce and sourdough bread, Main: Lasagne with garlic bread and salad, Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding with custard and icecream. – all vegan!

Hannah Livings: Starter: Prawn Cocktail with slices of smoked salmon and crusty white bread, Main: Roast beef with all the trimmings, Dessert: Apple crumble and custard.

Jenni Hall: Starter: Mozzerella, tomato and basil with lots of olive oil, Main: Ramen, Dessert: Coffee & walnut cake or a cheeseboard.

Matthew Harker: Starter: Yellow flesh nectarines & melon, Main: Ribeye Steak with a brandy peppercorn dip and chips. Dessert: Dried Fruits

Orla Jones: Starter: Garlic bread, Main: Big yorkshire pudding with a roast dinner inside, Dessert: Lemon Meringue Pie.

Becky Salt: Starter: Garlic mushrooms in a creamy sause, Main: Lamb dinner with mint gravy, Dessert: Creme brulee.

Ruth Carr: Starter: Prawn Cocktail, Main: Parmo & triple cooked chips, Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding with cream.

Bea Moragues: Starter: Gazpacho, Main: Cocido Madrileno, Dessert: Milhojas dessert with dulche de leche. – very spanish!

Sam Walker: Starter: Prawn Cocktail, Main: Beef Stroganoff with boiled rice, Dessert: Cheese & biscuits.

Hayley Blackett: Starter: Halloumi Fries, Main: Mexican Chicken & Rice, Dessert: Flapjack

Julia Bayliss: Starter: Prawn and Smoked salmon salad, Main: My mums Cottage pie or Steak, Dessert: too many – I would like a buffet at this point lol. – lemon meringue pie,  Apple and Blackberry crumble and custard, Coupe Noir (ice cream with hot dark chocolate).

Nigel Hall: Starter: Squid, Main: Sirloin Steak, Dessert: Cheesecake


Question 5: What has been your greatest achievement of 2023 so far?

Grace Gouldthorp:

“Getting a first in my degree and getting accepted to do my masters!”

Matthew Harker:

“Getting on with renovating the house & getting assets under control under management and growing Phare!”

Bea Moragues:

“Learnt to do Mallorquin oil painting”

Sam Walker:

“Completing the OCG Operations Manual”

Emily Coates:

“Receiving an A* and 95% of the full marks in one of my A-Levels, as well as receiving an A for my Law A-Level.”

Hayley Blackett:

“Passing my final exam of my Level 4 qualifaction to enable me to move onto my level 6.”

Ruth Carr:

“I shot 49 out of 50 clay pigeon targets”

Orla Jones:

“Passing my driving test!”

Nigel Hall:

“Making major progress on 1 million meter indoor rowing challenge to raise money for The Steve Talboys Foundation”

Katie Hall